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Football Dice is so simple and such good fun. Take a look around our website for more info and then get yours today by contacting ian@footballdice.com!

How To Play

1. Two players (1 team each but you can also play by yourself).

2. Decide who goes first and length of the game (e.g. 2 mins).

3. Start by rolling DEFENCE die, the just follow the commands on the dice.

4. Flag face means roll again.

5. The winner is the one who scores the most goals!

Look at our videos in the video gallery for more ideas on fun ways to play and get your FREE pitches on the download link below!


Free pitches include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and Dublin, as well as information about each.

Pitches for Germany Belgium, USA, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Nigeria.

All the pitches used at the men's 2018 World Cup in Russia and women's 2019 World Cup in France.

An editable tournament wallchart for round of 16 and an editable 4 Nations wall chart.

And last but not least the commentators notes for our Spain v Portugal YouTube video and formation counters (see our Education section for explanation of this).

Photo Gallery

2 kids playing football dice by the pool on summer holiday
Two 9 year old boys playing a Football Dice match on a park bench
Special guest Alex from Italy filming for Football Dice YouTube episode

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