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What is Football Dice? It is an exciting new football dice game based around national teams, and suitable for anyone over 6 years old. It is small enough to fit in any pocket to play anywhere! Collect all 16 of the current Football Dice teams and challenge your friends to a match! The perfect family game to liven up a wet Sunday afternoon, to while away long journeys, play on a chilled-out day at the beach or for playground fun at school. It also makes a unique football gift for boys, girls and adults alike!

How to play? It's really easy - in each packet is one team, and each team has 3 dice; a defence die, a midfield die and an attack die. All you then need is a friend with another team and you are ready to play! Decide who goes first, how long you are going to play for and start with the defence die - then just follow the commands on the dice, it's as simple as that. No instructions or rules. And see, just like in real football, who can score the most goals!

You´ll love the colours of the different teams and the unique dice faces that each team has! You´ll love playing against friends, predicting World Cup match outcomes and possibly recreating some of the great matches from the history of the men´s and women´s game, including some with great injustices! Videos of great matches played by players from the countries involved are now on the Football Dice YouTube channel. Take a look at our video gallery to see the full list of matches. 

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FREE boards to download and be used as your Football Dice pitches. The first link is for pitches in the UK & Ireland, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin! Also with information about each city.


The 11 Russian cities used in the recent FIFA 2018 World Cup, again with information about each city.


NEW!!! All the pitches for the Women´s World Cup in France 2019 can be downloaded here:


Home pitches for your Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal & USA Football Dice are here:


Download a pitch for Madrid, Spain by using this link: 


Want to play your own Football Dice World Cup? Then download this FREE wallchart.


Want to do mini leagues and group stages in a World Cup? Then download this: 


Want to discuss formations or use for maths mastery on number bonds, download these counters. 


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Photo Gallery

2 kids playing football dice by the pool on summer holiday
Boy playing football dice late afternoon
Two 9 year old boys playing a Football Dice match on a park bench
Special guest Alex from Italy filming for Football Dice YouTube episode
Boy clebrating goal playing football dice with sister

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