SCOTLAND - Football Dice™ | World Edition

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It was in Scotland that the first ever international football match was played, when they played against England in 1872! The Tartan Army have graced 8 World Cups since and 3 European Championships and their fans have won over people from all over the world since for their vocal support and friendly nature.

A perfect football gift for anyone looking to play a Home Nations tournament with their friends, for anyone interested in the history of the game or of course anyone wanting to get both Scotland and England Football Dice, following the men's and women´s teams recent head to heads in the Euro 2020 and the women's World Cup in June 2019!

As our online shop is temporarily closed please contact for all enquiries. We have a small amount of stock left and do bespoke orders for companies wishing to create an original corporate gift. 

Each packet contains three 20mm dice
PACKET DIMENSIONS: 6.6cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm