About Us


Hi everyone,

My name is Ian and here you can see my kids, Max and Carmen, in Nice, France during the Women's Football World Cup 2019,  a couple of years ago.

We´re a normal family who love walks on the beach, playing and watching sports, reading stories at night and watching movies cuddled up together. Recently we invented our own game called Football Dice and we´re mega excited to share it with you.

We like to call ourselves a “Football Dice Family”, cheesy I know but true. Carmen, is our Little Miss Football Dice and she loves to smash her opponents when playing Football Dice! Don´t be fooled by her “butter won´t melt in my mouth” look, she is competitive! When not playing Football Dice, Carmen enjoys playing, singing, dancing, and singing and dancing some more. Especially when it is time to go to bed!

Max is “Master Football Dice”, because it was Max that helped me initially come up with the idea one Sunday when we had been playing football together. His love and passion for football and for playing games with friends and family, gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to design the football dice game and pursue it all the way to this stage of having it manufactured and ready for you to play!

As for me, “Mr Football Dice”, unsurprisingly I love all things football too! From talking about it 24/7 if you give me the chance, to playing it and watching it. Football Dice in its simplicity, for me captures the essence of the beautiful game! You simply have to score more than your opponent.

And as for Max and Carmen´s Mum...well... “Mrs Football Dice” likes to be mysterious and stay in the background, but she's a big part of it too!

You´ll find us on our YouTube channel “Football Dice” playing matches with friends and guests on our show - it's amazing how many different outcomes there can be in a 2 minute match! 

We hope, like us, you have hours of fun with your Football Dice.

Hasta luego,

Ian, Angela, Max and Carmen 😊